Make This Weekend the Best Weekend of Your Life

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It’s the weekend! Time to clean the house, do the grocery shopping, fold the laundry, binge watch Netflix, and eat crappy junk food! Wait – what? Chores? On the weekend? Sound familiar? We spend so much time recovering from last week and preparing for the next, the time just slips by and come Monday morning we start the cycle all over again. Why do we do it? Week after week, we put off errands we need to run and cleaning that needs to be done because we’re just too tired after work. It’s easier to save all our trips to the store until Saturday morning, rather than going every other day when you realize you forgot something.

Can you recall the last weekend that you absolutely enjoyed? What were you doing? Were you on vacation or were you chasing your own tail trying to keep up with the day to day? Here are some great ways to help you put an end to the weekend monotony and have the best weekend of your life.

Find more time this weekend! With these great types to make this weekend the best and most productive weekend of your life!

Find More Time

Did you know there are 55 hours in a weekend. Most of it don’t even realize it, but between sleeping in and keeping up with our to-do lists more than 1/2 of that time is already gone. How do you get it back?

Put Down the Broom!

I know you do it, because I do it. The weekend is no time for chores! The average American spends 821 hours PER YEAR working around the house. Eck! That is the equivalent of 34 days – an entire month – of dusting, dishes, and yard work. I feel tired just thinking about it. Now I know that some of this in unavoidable, but most can be done during the week – and what can’t be done during the weekend can usually be outsourced. Basic day-to-day tasks (sweeping, moping, even laundry) can be done during the week. It only takes an hour a day, and you’ll be thankful in the end that the mess never had a chance to grow. More labor intensive jobs, like mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters, can be outsourced via sites such as or Angie’s List or even to the teenager who lives down the block.

Errand Free is the Way to Be

Here is another great example for outsourcing. Have you heard of Amazon Prime or Jet? Both will deliver just about anything you could ever need directly to your house. Amazon Prime also has Dash Buttons, so you don’t even have to make a list! out of laundry soap? Push the button. Need to stock up on paper towels for your upcoming backyard BBQ? There’s a button for that. Technology will let you automate just about anything, and automating it gives you back your time. If you absolutely have to run errands, make a list and do it on Saturday morning. That way you still have 44 hours left to look forward to.

Step Away from the Snooze Button

Sleeping in may be your only weekend goal, it’s easy to understand why since 43% of Americans say they do not get enough sleep during the week. But how relaxing is it really to wake up and find half the day is gone? Wasted. Studies show that this abnormal sleeping pattern can mess around with your body’s internal clock and cause stress, insomnia, and weight gain. Oh ya, count me in…. You don’t have to get up at 5am, but instead of allowing yourself to sleep all day set an alarm and stick to it. Getting out of bed and starting the day early will let you do more and make your weekend that much more adventurous!

Make the RIGHT kind of to-do list with these great types to make this weekend the best and most productive weekend of your life!

Make the Right Kind of To-Do List

Get Outside

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is most easily obtained by just venturing outside. Studies have shown that Vitamin D absorption is linked to happiness, stress management, and overall satisfaction in your life. So take a walk, lay out at the beach or pool, take your dog to the park (or your kid), just go soak up some rays. Monday won’t seem nearly as terrible, I promise.

Plan an Activity

It can be really difficult to get out of bed on the weekend, especially if you have no idea what to do once your up. Take some time on your Friday lunch break to see what events are happening around you this weekend. There is sure to be a concert, fair, festival, or sporting event. If there’s not, check out new restaurants or bars that have opened nearby. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Spend Some Time with Your Friends + Family

And I don’t mean the family you live with. Of course spend time with your children and significant others, but let’s be honest you probably see them everyday. When was the last time you saw your cousin or your best friend from high-school? If it’s been a while, make it a point to stop by this weekend. Maybe ask them to go check out the chic new dessert bar that just opened, or plan a play date with your kids (fur-babies count!). Spending time with friends and family will increase your satisfaction with life, decrease your stress, and at the very least let give you a distraction from what may be on your mind.

Healthy choices are always a sure bet. With these great types make this weekend the best and most productive weekend of your life!

Don’t Spoil 7 Days of Hard Work with 1 Weekend

Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is so important to your health, but it’s easy to loose sight of when you are caught up having a good time. With your water checklist sticker neatly placed in your day planner conveniently laying on your work desk all day – wait is that just me? Well however you keep track of your water in take (and you should), it’s easier to do so when it is part of a routine. Weekends are rarely going to be the same week in and week out, if they are you need to go back to the top of this post. Staying hydrated will help you avoid headaches, improve your skins appearance, and fight any bad decisions you made the night before (hint: chardonnay).

Eat Well

Order pizza, order wings, go out and try the new triple bypass burger for dinner if that’s what floats your boat. But order a salad for lunch, and maybe don’t have chicken and waffles for breakfast. Now I’m hungry. What I’m saying is don’t over indulge and undo all the good choices you made during the weekend. This isn’t It’s All About Mary and the cake does still have calories, yes even on Sunday.


When you have a plan of action, it’s actually really easy to take back your time and make the most of it. Seriously though, what’s the best weekend you’ve had yet?

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