The First 100 Thoughts You Have as a Blogger and a Free Printable to Help You Organize Them

1. They made HOW MUCH MONEY?!
2. Blogging!?!
3. I bet I could do that.
4. I could totally do that.
5. I’m going to do that.
6. Wait. I have no idea what I’m doing.
7. Pinterest! You can find the answer to everything on Pinterest!
8. Wait so all these pins are bloggers? Like bloggers blogging about blogging?…blogception.
9. What’s a niche?
10. What’s my niche?
11. What if I don’t HAVE a niche?!?
12. Maybe I’ll start with a title.
13. What’s a good title
14. “My Blog.” Nope, that’s too simple
15. Already taken anyway, I didn’t want to be “My Blog” anyway
16. How about I start with a list of posts
17. OMG! I have so many good ideas!!
18. I’m going to be such a good blogger. I can’t wait to start writing.
19. Oh but I should make an editorial calendar first. Yup, that’s what the pro’s say
20. Okay. Got my calendar. Back to a name…..
21. How am I going to come up with a name, I haven’t even written anything yet.
22. Pssht. Before I can write my recipe, I have to make my recipe. Obviously.
23. Picture time!!
24. OMG!!! HOW DO THEY MAKE FOOD LOOK SO GOOD?? This is terrible.
25. I give up.
26. No. I can do this. Pssht I got this. Totally fine
27. How do I have 300 photos to edit already? I haven’t even done anything exciting.
28. Whoa. EVERYTHING is postable. Made a great dinner? Recipe. Car broke down? Post. Went somewhere fun? Tell everyone! This is so easy.
29. Crap. I still haven’t written anything.
30. Today’s the day! I will write my first article!
31. Oh I thought of a name!
32. Have to get the domain right now!!
33. Well now I have to build my site.
34. The post can wait, I’m not going live today anyway
35. Ohh pretty themes!
36. AHH! Who can pay $100 for a theme?? Free for now, free is good.
37. Posts. I need posts.
38. What’s an affiliate link?
39. How do I get affiliate links?
40. Oh I need posts.
41. And subscribers!
42. I should set up my e-mail program
43. What am I going to e-mail people about? I have no content!
44. Write woman!!
45. Ok. First article. Oh it’s so good. Looks so good.
46. What’s “yoast?”
47. Why is it telling me my article is unreadable???!
48. Oh! Headers! Headers helped
49. Now for those picutres.
50. Crap I forget to edit the pictures.
51. I bet I could use insta to edit the pictures.
52. Yes!! I totally can!
53. Alright. I’ve got a post! And pictures! On my website!
54. Only 10 more until I can go live
55. What are printables?
56. Do people really want those?
57. Ok ok ok . Printables. Hmmm…
58. How do people even make money doing this.
59. I’m never going to make money doing this.
60. Ugh I’m not so sure I want to do this.
61. Yes I am. Yes I do. Even if no one reads it. Even if I don’t make any money from it.
62. I REALLY hope I make money from it
63. It’d be so nice to work from home
64. I’d never get any work done
65. I really need to vacuum.
66. OH! Printable idea: cleaning schedule!
67. Why does everyone offer a cleaning schedule?? That was MY idea!
68. More posts. I need more posts.
69. More pictures. I need more pictures.
70. More coffee. I need more coffee.
71. So much more Coffee.
72. Can I write about how awesome coffee is??
73. OK. Time to work on my site design.
74. Oh! This is pretty. Except I hate the colors.
75. What are plugins?
76. Ugh you need a plugin for everything!
77. Omg! There are plugins for everything! That’s so cool.
78. My site is going to look so awesome
79. I need a logo.
80. Oh god. That looks like a turtle dying on a rock.
81. I mean that could be a cool logo though.
82. Totally should have named my blog “turtles rock”
83. How does everyone else get logos? No one is good at everything!
84. Back to the Pinterest!
85. Ohhhhhhh they hire people! I’ll hire someone!
86. Yay! Logo bliss! Only took 6 revisions.
87. And now that I have my logo I can finally pick my theme colors.
88. Yay! Theme colors
89. Ok. What next…..
90. Back to e-mail. How does this subscribe thing work?
91. I see. I see. MailChimp looks popular. I’ll try MailChimp
92. I think I’m totally getting this
93. When was the last time I fed the cat?
94. Or left the house.
95. “30 days of isolation: my life as a blogger”
96. That’s relatable
97. I need DIFFERENT pictures for Pinterest?!
98. And MORE different sized pictures for everything else.
99. I need a nap
100. And a drink.

101. Oh!! I can write a post about a signature drink!

You’re not alone!

Are you a new blogger like me? Just starting out, a little lost, and a little scared? I’m right there with you, and will be documenting my journey right HERE. I made THIS PRINTABLE that helped me organize my thoughts, posts, and to-dos and you can download it free HERE.

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