January 2018 Review & Income Report

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Hey Guys!

It has been a while since I did one of these progress reports, which goes to show how distracted I’ve been lately. I love doing these income reports because they keep me honest and give me a little bit of an outlet to review, recap, and reinvent any strategies that may or may not have worked. If your blogging about anything, I highly encourage you to start doing your own monthly updates. It’s a great tool to make sure you are staying on track.

SoCal Style saw some tremendous growth in January, which was driven almost exclusively by Pinterest. Well really by Tailwind, which I use to manage my pinning for me. If you’re not using Tailwind you need to be, it will completely change your game. It’s a service that allows you queue up a ton of pins, whenever you have time, and then will pin them for you throughout the day. The program even has an algorithm which determines the best times to pin for your account! My favorite feature is the bulk scheduling tool, which lets you queue up 100+ pins in under a minute!

I was able to set-up Tailwind to pin for me for ALL OF FEBRUARY in less than an hour. Click To Tweet

I know, it sounds like heaven right? How much time are you time are you spending each day trying to stay ahead of the game? And that’s just Pinerest! Once you add in time spent on all the other social platforms – ugh it’s giving me anxiety just to think about. Trust me, get Tailwind it will change your life.

Want to know how I schedule 1 month of pins in under an hour? Click here to find out!

January Growth

First off let me recap December for you. I had a total of 4,161 page views in December. It’s not great, but trust me I’ve had worse. January, however I had 12,888 page views. That is a 309% increase!! Here’s a look at my page views over the last two months, January is blue and December is Orange.

You can see clearly in the red box when I received most of my traffic, and it coincides with the same period of time that I had Tailwind queued up correctly. Unfortunately, I have a habitual habit of small batching. I would go on Tailwind, queue up everything from my tribe (yup, everything. That’s how I roll, you add it I pin it) and then ignore the whole thing until I saw my traffic drop. Now once your traffic drops, it’s too late. It takes a few days to start gaining traction again. So, for February I wanted to schedule everything for the whole month. I set it up on January 28, but it took 3 days for my pageviews to start going back up. But, they are going back up.

This is the only social media I did in all of January (I know, I’m lazy – I’m working on it), but it was effective!!

Pinterest is the ABSOLUTE best platform to drive traffic!


The big question, at least for me. I love reading about the money other bloggers are making, because it’s inspiring. It helps me to believe that I can grow my little corner of the internet to support all the time I want to spend with my dog. There are 3 main ways to make income online

Ad Revenue

This is probably the easiest money on the web; you add code to your pages to display ads and when people visit your site you earn income. However, you don’t make much per visitor. If you can generate a ton of traffic, your golden – but that takes time. The biggest key to boosting your ad revenue is having a lot of content. The more articles you have, the longer users will stay on your site, and the more money you bring home. That’s the main reason everyone says to wait until you have 10-15 posts ready before launching your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Fairly similar to ad revenue, except you are the ad – or you’re making it at least. This includes sponsored blog posts, sponsored social media posts, or any kind of outbound link you post that will earn you money if the affiliate (like Amazon) makes a sale. Amazon is my only affiliate at the moment. There are quite a few other affiliates out there, but right now my main focus is growing my traffic consistently.


The #1 way to earn money is to sell your own products. This way you’re not earning a small percentage of someone else’s sale, or a few pennies for someone viewing an ad. You are selling something you created and as such earn most, if not all, of the revenue. The catch is that you have to create something and market it. My biggest sellers have been digital products, which is amazing because I only have to make them once and then it’s residual income from there.


So, here is my income breakdown for January. In total I earned $89.28. It’s really important to note, however, that while I earned this amount in January I will not receive all of it this month. While Etsy pays out usually within 48 hours of a sale, both Amazon and Google AdSense take some time. In short, I can’t quit my day job yet.

  •  Ad Revenue
    • Google AdSense: $29.25
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Amazon: $7.71
  • Products
    • Etsy: $52.32

Goals for February

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic!!! My biggest issue with traffic is my consistency, if I keep small batching social like I have been I’m going to keep falling behind. So I’ve got some goals to ensure I stay ahead of the game

1. Queue up Tailwind for all of February (check)
2. Schedule Tweets for all of February
3. Consistent content publication (2 each week)

These are my primary goals, they’re measurable, they’re attainable, and (hopefully) will drive my traffic. I do have some secondary goals for the month though, which while they are a little more ambiguous should help me grow my revenue.

Launch BradshawBare

I actually started a second venture in the 4th quarter of 2017, it’s an ecommerce business for jewelry primarily barefoot sandals. I’m really excited about this and I’ve been working for a while to bring it together. The products are all handmade and a portion of proceeds will benefit dog rescues in Southern California. I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up, so people are willing to even think about being barefoot, and I feel like the time is right. I would so love to have you follow me @BradshawBarefootSandals, apologies in advance for inevitably flooding your feeds with pictures of puppies and beaches.

Digital Products Remastered

It was brought to my attention by a customer last month that my digital products were underwhelming. This was only 1 persons opinion, and I’ve gotten several other great reviews. But, I want to make sure that I am offering the best products possible. With that in mind I’m going to update my existing Disney World Planning Guide. There’s been so many changes at Disney World lately that it’s really due regardless of any reviews

I will also be pushing the limit of digital products and creating a ton of new offerings. I’m planning to have some more, and better, art prints and maybe some type of party favors or birthday bundle. They say you won’t do much on Etsy without at least (15) listings, and my goal is for those to be all digital.

Physical Products

I feel really money hungry writing this, but for real – who doesn’t want more money? I’m going to look into several different of the t-shirt printing drop-shippers. I love looking at all the shirts on place like TeePublic and TeeSpring, so I want to see if there’s a way I can start adding to the available merch. This may or may not come to fruition, since my artistic skills are minimal, but I will absolutely be doing some research.


That’s all for now folks. Thanks for dropping in, hopefully you learned a thing or two – and hopefully I never go so long without doing one of these again! It feels great just to get it all out of my head. Let me know in the comments below what your big goals for February are!


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