How to Schedule 3,000 Pins in Under an Hour

You guys. I am not joking when I tell you that I have found the absolute best way to manage Pinterest. Pinterest is the #1 source for my traffic, consistently. The problem is I lack consistency in my pinning. I’ve had Tailwind for a while now, and when I schedule up my pinning queue my traffic explodes.

If you aren’t familiar with Tailwind, it is a Pinterest scheduler that allows you to essentially pre-pin when it’s convenient for you and then it will pin for you throughout the day. It’s a great tool and can expand your reach quite substantially. Not to mention that you don’t have to sit around and manually pin, all. Freaking.  Day. That’s what I was doing for the first few months of SoCal Style. And don’t get me wrong, it worked. But, seriously guys? Do you have the time to pin all of your content and 100+ every single day? How do you take a vacation? Trust me, if you’re not using Tailwind to schedule for you – give it a try. You can even get your first month free my using THIS LINK to sign up, see how quickly your traffic grows with in just a month with this guide.

The problem I kept running into was only scheduling small batches. Once a month or so I would schedule all the content from my tribes (yes friends, everything. More on that later). I would glow watching my traffic go up, and up, and up. It’s a great feeling to know people are actually interested in what you have to say! But then, the traffic would go down. And I mean plummet. I knew it was because my Tailwind queue had emptied.


I knew that something needed to change. But it took forever just to schedule out a few weeks. Yes, it was saving me the trouble of manually pinning all day – but it wasn’t really saving me much time overall. And then I literally stumbled over this 1 trick that completely changed the game. I hate when people drag out a post with nonsense, when all I really want is the one sentence that I came for. So, I’ll apologize now for burying it a little bit. The thing, I think it’s really massively important to understand my full strategy. This is a step by step guide to the exact way I schedule my Tailwind account for 1 month. No catch, no cost, no B.S.

Set Up Board Lists

Boards lists are amazing to shorten up the amount of time you are spending scheduling your content. I’m on 15 group boards, and I schedule out to share 2 pieces of content on each board every day. So that means scrolling down and selecting 15 boards, on 60 pins. THAT’S 900 BOARDS I HAVE TO ADD! And my computer is not that fast. Here’s how to set-up board lists, which you should do.

  1. Log-in to Tailwind. By default it should throw you into your scheduled queue.
  2. On the left hand side click the star shaped button next to the label “board lists”
  3. Click this little square that says “click to add list”
  4. The list to the right will appear. Type in or scroll to select the boards you want added and change the list name to whatever you prefer.

**If you have multiple types of content, you’ll want to create multiple lists. For example I have a list of boards I post my Disney articles to, a list of boards I post my Disney products to, and a list of boards I post my blogging tips to**

Schedule Out Your Content

This is probably the most time consuming part, but you need to share your content otherwise no one will see it. Group boards are one of the best methods to expand your reach, you get your pins out in front of like-minded people who have like-minded followers.

  1. Import any pins that you have created for new content being published in the next month
    1. If you do not have the pins or URLs created yet, be sure to leave the launch days open, so you can add these in later.
  2. Go to your Pinterest account and navigate to the boards you use to house all of your pins
    1. If you’re don’t already have one, it’s a great thing to start. It allows pinners to browse your content, and acts as a content library for your re-pinning purposes.
  3. Click the Tailwind extension button in your browser
  4. Your page will now look like this:
  5. Click on the pins you want to schedule for the month.
    1. If you created multiple lists, focus only on the pins for (1) list. You’ll repeat this process for the additional lists.
  6. Then click on “Go Schedule down in the bottom right hand corner
  7. A pop-up will appear, go ahead and close that for now and navigate back to Tailwind. You’ll see all these pins have been added to your drafts
  8. In the upper right hand corner is a field that reads “Add Board to All: Type a Board Name” Enter in the name of the board list you’re using. And it will automatically add all of the boards on that list to every pin in your drafts.
  9. Now click “User Interval” and schedule which pins you want published on which days. I set my interval for 1 day apart, that way pin A will be pinned to a different board every day until the list runs out. The next day pin B starts and follows the same pattern of boards. Now you’re not only pinning your content every. Single. Day. You’re varying it, so it’s not 1 article that gets showcased.

Since I schedule (2) pins to be published on each board every day, I have (40) different pins that are getting promoted each day.

The Big One

Alright, here it is. The biggest trick I learned to schedule a months’ worth of pins in under an hour. I’m guessing some of you just jumped down to this part of the show, huh? Fair enough, I might do the same. We actually used this feature in the previous process, but now we’ll put it to the extreme.

  1. Go to Pinterest and do a search for a topic that is very specific to 1 of your boards.
    1. I do Disney, so I could look up “Epcot”
  2. Click on that Tailwind extension again, and select any and all pins that are relevant to that 1 board. Don’t pick anything you wouldn’t want pinned to that 1 board. Then click the button to schedule.
  3. DON’T CLOSE THE POP-UP. It will take a little while to load, the more pins you select the longer it will take. I usually select around 100 pins.
    1. While I LOVE the browser extension, it doesn’t always pick-up the source URLs. This probably varies depending on your niche, but for me about 10% of the URLs get lost. L
  5. Select the board you want this all pinned to at the top of the page
  6. And then click “Schedule All”
  7. BOOM! All those pins are now added to your queue.
  8. Rinse, wash, and repeat for each of your boards.
  9. When you’re all done, go into Tailwind and shuffle your queue.

Depending on how many boards you have, and how many pins you add per board, you could schedule even farther out. You want to be careful though, because if you have any time sensitive pins (like Christmas, Valentines Day, etc) you don’t want them to get lost in your queue and not publish out until August. That’s why I try to do just a month at a time.

Tribes, Duplicates, and Other Concerns

I mentioned earlier that I schedule everything that comes up in my tribes. Blogging is really a community, and it’s important in a community to help each other. It’s easy to just push out your own content, but share and share alike. If you share other’s contents, they’re probably more likely to return the favor. It’s always an easy way to keep your queue full. Since you can’t bulk schedule in Tribes like I just showed you in Pinterest, it can take a bit more time. You have to select which boards for each pin. So rather than wait until the end of the month and spend a ton of time on it, I try to clear my tribes out at least every other day. If it miss it for a few days it’s not the end of the world. My queue is still full and the pins aren’t lost, it’ll just take me a bit longer to catch up.

Another thing I see people concerned with is duplicate content. I am in 8 tribes, and there’s a fair amount of cross over between them. BUT I still pin everything in all of my tribes. Even duplicates. With the number of pins that get pushed out each day, and the number of people who actually see each one of the pins you save – no one is really going to notice or care that you have duplicates. Think about your own personal Pinterest boards, you save duplicates there right? I do, even after Pinterest warns me it’s a dup just because it’ll be easier to find later.

Oh! It’s pretty important to point out here that my Tailwind schedule is set to pin approximately 60-90 times per day, not including my scheduled specific content (my own pins). I can’t even imagine trying to keep up with that each day.

Group Boards

Group boards are a vital lifeline for bloggers. It’s one the of the fastest and easiest ways to market your content. BUT – you can’t just pin to it and never pin anything from it. Activity is what makes those boards so massive and makes them effective. It’s important to stay active and share content from your groups. Even with all of this set-up, I STILL go in everyday and re-pin a few pieces from each board. Again guys, share and share a-like.


I hope you guys learned something from this super long post. I was so freaking excited when I figured out the bulk scheduler extension I literally screamed some profanity of joy. I feel so much more confident having this part of my social done for the whole freaking month. Now I can work on the most important thing, making more content.

Do you have tips for Tailwind or Pinterest? Share the wealth and let us know in the comments down below!


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