DIY Americana Wreath for 4th of July

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True life photo of my sister and I, in full red, white, and blue attire.

You guys!! The 4th of July is almost here!! This holiday is the epitome of summer time!! The sun is out, the grill is fired up, everyone is patiently (ha! Ya right) waiting for the fireworks to start, and I can finally wear my American Flag apparel with only minimal amount of judgement! 4th of July is the best! And I’m so inspired to make my décor just as festive as my outfit. I’ve also been seeing tons of wreath designs on Pinterest and decided to give it a go!

I chose to go with a basic tulle tied wreath, which have been really popular lately. But once I tyed all the tulle onto the frame, it just wasn’t enough and I may have gone a little crazy….

Creating a Base

So, like I said, this started out as a simple tulle tyed wreath. I purchased a Wreath Frame and tulle from Amazon. The process, while easy, is time consuming. I started out by cutting the tulle into smaller tie-size pieces, about 3 inches long. Then I folded the piece in half and slipped the loop through the inner most band of the frame. Then created a slip knot by passing the loose ends of the tulle piece through the loop. I played with a few different sized pieces and patterns of colors, but found this seemed to work best. 3 inches was just large enough that I was able to easily tie-it on, and not so large that it looked floppy. I alternated blue and white tulle, and planned to add a red ribbon around the whole piece.

It took me just a few hours to complete all the tulle tying, but I worked on it while I binged on Netflix so at least it was productive. Once you get the hang of it, it starts to go quicker. All that hard work left me with a boring blah wreath.

DIY Americana Wreath for 4th of July

It’s cute, sure, but I’m a little bit louder than that and I wanted this décor to be too! So I did what any girl in a DIY bind would do…

Off to Dollar Tree!

I love the dollar store. It’s a great resource for inexpensive décor and project supplies.  They had several pieces for my budget friendly backdrop boards, baskets and containers for my home command center, and even dishes and other assorted props for photo shoots there. I tend to stray away from dollar store food myself, but I know several people who swear by it.

I found some great pieces for my wreath and actually bought everything with a plan to use it on a second wreath…that didn’t happen.  Just walking through the store I found lots of great inspiration and bought everything they had that was red, white, and blue. I found a great burlap bow, some colored artificial flowers, plastic beads, ribbon – basically a red, white, and blue wonderland. I grabbed my hot glue gun and got to work.

DIY Americana Wreath for 4th of July

The flowers, I removed from the stems and hot glued directly to the tulle. The bow came with a super handy wire I wrapped around the wreath frame. Then there’s this FABULOUS sign, I can’t believe was only $1, that got tied to the back of the wreath frame. My favorite part though is the pseudo Mardi Gras style beads, I think it just adds such a great fun element and give the piece some movement. Put it all together and what’ve you got?

DIY Americana Wreath for 4th of July


Show me your Americana decor, and be sure to check out more awesome DIY’s!

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