Candle Wall Sconce Makeover – DIY

Hey Guys!

I recently discovered the magic that is rose gold-colored spray paint, and I may have gotten a little carried away. I originally bought this color for my Candle Container Makeover, and ended up using it for my Coffee Bottle Re-do, this Wall Sconce Makeover, and the hood above my stove top. I’m seriously debating if I can use it to re-paint all of the faucets on my sinks. I am so crazy in love with this color, and what’s even better is this brand dries SO FAST! I’m not quite sure how I made it these 28 years without this it!

So, I started out with this:Wait till you see what she did with this! SOO Pretty! Candle Wall Sconce Makeover

The design of this piece is SO cute and I’m obsessed with candles, so that’s a win. Actually, my dad snagged this when saw a neighbor throwing it out a few years back (yay dad!). It’s been floating around the house ever since, I haven’t been able to decide what to do with it though! The black is so harsh, the red candles don’t match anything, and I just wasn’t really in love with it. I remembered this little baby, during my rose gold fueled tirade, and decided it was time to make her shine.Wait till you see how goregous this is when it's all finished! Candle Wall Sconce Makeover

First thing first; I removed all the glass votive holders and sprayed the wrought iron with two coats of rose gold (front and back and all the way around). Always use spray paint in a well ventilated area, and be sure to cover the surface you’re working on. I let each side dry for about 30 minutes before continuing on, and then left the whole thing, with the candle holder parts face down overnight.

Once it is all painted it looked like this:

Isn't this SOOO pretty? Totally obsessed with Rose Gold. Candle Wall Sconce Makeover

ohhhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhhhh. So pretty, much shine.

Those lack luster red candles were clearly no longer an option, but I wasn’t able to find any similar sized candles that would fit in the wrought iron holders. It dawned upon me that I could re-use the same glass votives if I melted the wax out. There are a few popular methods out there on how to do this, but my favorite is with boiling water. If you’re not familiar with this process you simply boil water and pour it into the candle. The hot water melts the wax, which floats to the surface. Once the wax re-hardens on top of the water, you can easily pull it out. This method is so easy, and you can make tea with the left over hot water in your kettle. That’s a win.

After removing the wax, I cleaned the glass really well, and added these cute white votive candles that I had on hand.

Ta Da! Isn’t is SO much better?! I love it.


Let me know what you think, and CLICK HERE to see more great DIY’s!


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