Coffee Bottle Re-do

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It’s no secret that I am constantly trying to reuse and recycle anything I come across, or that I drink more coffee than I have blood in my body. So this coffee bottle inspired makeover should be no surprise. These little bottles of coffee are sold everywhere and my work hands them out to us pretty often. They’re glass so you can certainly recycle them the old fashioned way, but what fun is that?! The shape is super cute, it reminds me of a miniature milk bottle from the 50’s and 60’s.

Getting Rid of the GunkMUST get some of this for my next project!!!

Check out this super cute recycling project! From trash to gorgeous! I started out by just removing the label, which left a not so fun residue behind. This is pretty common for any type of DIY, so I always keep a product like Goof Off on hand to clean it up. The product is super easy to use, just spray on and let it set. After about 10 minutes you’ll be able to wipe away the gunk with a paper towel. If you are big into DIY, or just don’t like gunk, you should definitely check out this product.


Spray Paint Away

PERFECT teal color!! Wait till you see what she used it for!!What’s the simplest way to make anything customized you ask? Why, spray paint of course! I originally bought this Pretty teal color. It’s really pretty, but it didn’tCheck out this cute little vase! You won't believe what it looks like when it's done! dry very quickly.

I’ll still be using it on a few more upcoming projects, but each coat needs to dry for at least a few hours. It took three coats to cover the bottles so they were opaque. As always, be sure any spray painting you do is in a well ventilated area and the surface you use is protected.


I also had some Rose Gold Spray Paint on hand from my Candle Container Makeover, that I quickly became obsessed with (you can see more of that obsession HERE) and decided to use.

Wait till you see how CUTE this vase is she made with a starbucks bottle!I have no idea why the rose gold did this crackling thing on the bottles, but I kind of like it. It was about sunset when I did this, so maybe it has to do with it being cold – I don’t know. If YOU know, please tell me so I can recreate it.


Time to Tie in Some DecorationsFind out how to make this SUPER cute project!

After spray painting the bottles I wasn’t really happy with how the tops looked, you can still see the threading for the cap and that’s just not cute. So I walked around Wal-Mart aimlessly until I found something I thought would work: jute! Jute is cute, and right next to it were these adorable little owl charms I couldn’t resit. I was hoping to just wrap the jute around and tie it off, but it wasn’t staying on. I was trying to avoid my hot glue gun, since it tends to leave a chunky glue texture, and used Gorilla Glue on one. That didn’t work so I just went back to old reliable.

The hot glue actually worked out REALLY well because it evened the texture of the threading and made a neat bed for the jute to sit in. I cut one more piece of jute to fit just once around the bottles and threaded the charm on a single strand.


I added them into the mix on my console table with some pictures, and I love them. They would also make great vases, but my cats tend to eat any flowers I bring in the house so that’s pretty much out of the question.

Coffee Bottle Re-do

Tell me what you think! Do you know how to make the crinkling copper effect on purpose? Do your cats eat flowers too?


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