DIY – Budget Photo Backdrop

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It’s hard to be a food blogger, because you guys don’t get to taste how amazing it is unless you follow along. The only way I’m going to get you guys to follow along is if the dish looks amazing. I started out by taking all my photos on the kitchen table, but I’m not that crazy about how some of those first posts turned out (like the corn salsa and pico de gallo). The wood grain was so distracting, I need to find a way to really make it stand out! I started to study the photos I tend to pin that drive me to check other people’s recipes. I noticed that I was really drawn to the marble counter tops everyone seems to have in their kitchen – I’m on a budget people!

I obviously can’t go out and get marble counter tops, it’s out of the question. But with a little help from Amazon (I love Amazon) I was able to DIY a solution that’s completely customizeable to your preferences, super easy to do, and fast. Upgrade your own photography in 15 minutes or less!

As with most adventures, this one starts at the Dollar Tree

I find that the Dollar Tree can solve so many problems, sometimes problems I didn’t know I had. For instance, I didn’t know that I needed 10 color coordinated baskets to organize everything in my house…but then I saw them there on the shelf and I realized I did! So I found myself wondering around the dollar store looking for cheap props and backdrops to use for my photos. There were some nice plates I could find a use for, but that was about it. They also had poster board 2/$1 so I stocked up, not having any idea what I would do with it. That’s how the best projects come about I think, spontaneously.

You can find anything on the internet

Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon. They have everything, and I can do all my shopping in PJ’s. What a time to be alive!! That’s where I finally found the marble contact paper I needed. I also found a chalkboard contact paper! :0 Which, yes I did absolutely need.DIY - Budget Photo Backdrop

How to do it

The backdrop was super easy to put together, once I had all the supplies. I started on the back of the poster board, and laying down about 3″ of the contact paper. Then flipped it over and slowly covered the front of the board in 2″ strips. I used an ID badge to make sure the paper was applied evenly and no air bubbles were trapped underneath.

DIY - Budget Photo Backdrop

Once that front is covered, flip the board back over and tuck in all the loose edges

DIY - Budget Photo Backdrop

Here’s what it looks like when it’s all done:

DIY - Budget Photo Backdrop


And here’s a side by side of another DIY I did. Doesn’t it look SOO much more professional with the marble background! I can’t wait to try it with a recipe! 🙂DIY - Budget Photo Backdrop


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What kind of props do you use for your photos?


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