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Throw the Best 4th of July Party with This State Spectacular Hotdog Bar | My SoCal Style

Throw the Best 4th of July Party with This State Spectacular Hotdog Bar

The 4th of July is almost here! Do you have plans already? We have a pretty tried and true tradition at my house;  backyard barbecue followed by watching 6 different firework shows from the bed of a truck. But what would any American holiday without some good ol’ fashioned hotdogs?! That’s right, it’d be un-American. This year I decided to mix it up and get a little crazy with some State inspired hotdogs! It’s so easy to throw in a few new toppings and impress your guests with your worldliness!

New York, New York

No hotdog list would be complete without mention of the New York hotdog. Fresh from a street cart these dogs are best eaten standing over a sewer grate on a windy afternoon wearing a trench coat. Ok, maybe I’ve just watched to much Law and Order (does anyone else plan their whole day around SVU marathons?!). At any rate, the New York style hotdog is a quintessential staple to your gathering and it uses some pretty basic supplies. All you need is yellow mustard, chopped onion, and celery salt to recreate this one. The real piece that sets it apart is a steamed bun, but it’s not completely necessary.

Kansas City, Missouri

Now you might think that a Kansas City style hotdog would be smothered in barbecue sauce, and while that sounds amazing it’s not the dog their known for. No siree KCMO’s inspo comes from the Ruben sandwich. That’s right, we’re going to top this baby with sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, and caraway seeds (these are used in the rye bread for the sandwich). I was not excited to try this one, I gotta say. But it actually was pretty good, at the very least it’s extremely unique.

Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago dog is a classic, and also delicious. If you haven’t heard of this one before (where have you been living?!) it starts with a simple hotdog. Then we’ll kick it up a notch with dill pickle spears, peppercinis, celery salt, yellow mustard, and sliced tomatoes. My absolute favorite hotdog ever.

Columbus, Georgia

Sweet tea, gossip on the front porch, big traditional Sunday dinners, and peaches growing everywhere. These are some of the more infamous things Georgia has to offer. But did you know it is also Home of the Vidalia Onion, Coca Cola, and the largest drive-in dinner in the US? This sweet state is full of surprises, like the Scramble Dog.

The Scramble Dog is a classic in Columbus, Georgia. Originating in 1946 this local favorite will be a welcome addition to your toppings bar this year! It starts by cutting a hotdog and bun into bite size pieces, then dose it with a good helping of bean-less chili, oyster crackers, and dill pickle chips. Okay, it sounds a little out there. I mean, I’ve never topped a bowl of chili with..pickles? But I am telling you, give it a shot and you’ll be glad you did!

Southern California

And of course, this list would not be complete without a dash of inspiration from my own home state. This is My SoCal Style, of course! Known as a downtown or TJ dog, this baby is heaven on a paper plate – but it does require a little extra effort. All the best things do!

A SoCal TJ Dog starts with a bacon wrapped hot dog (PRO TIP: keep it as far away from the flame on the grill as possible, and put it on early these take about 2-3 times longer to cook than a regular hotdog). Once it is dripping in bacon-y goodness slap it on a bun with some mayo and fried onions and VOILA! Your authentic SoCal Style hotdog. Yum!

Check out this AWESOME hot-dog toppings bar with EVERYTHING you could ever need!!


So whether you’re a mustard and relish kinda gal or prefer to go all the way with all the fixin’s, make this years 4th of July party one to remember with these unique options!

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