Summer Time Grilled Corn Salsa

It’s that time of year again! When the days are long (and hot), you day-dream of sand between your toes while sitting in your cubicle, and you can buy your weight in corn on the cob for $1. It’s easy to pass up this treasure on your grocery trip, but there is so much to offer! Like this DELICIOUS corn salsa recipe that’s perfectly refreshing when the sun is high and you’re pool side.

This recipe is super easy to make too, so it’s great if you’re a little kitchen shy! First things first, you’ll need to grill that corn. Nothing better than grilled corn in the summer! Check out this great Grilled Corn Salsa recipe!The idea here is to get some good char on the kernels, so I removed the husks and cranked my grill up to high. The cobs were on the heat for about 25 minutes total, rotating every 7 minutes or so. It’s ok if it burns a little. It will make your end result even more beautiful and lock in that summer time bbq taste. After 25 minutes remove from heat and let it sit until the cob is cool enough to handle.

While all that magic is happening in the grill, it’s time to get to chopping. Chop your onion to be about the same size as your corn kernels. The garlic and jalapeño you’ll want to chop very finely to keep the heat evenly dispersed and not too overwhelming  

!!–>>Make sure you take the seeds out of the jalapeño you are not a fan of heat <<—!!

Learn how to take the heat out of jalapenos with this great Grilled Corn Salsa recipe!

The seeds hold the real punch of spice, you can control it a bit more by removing all or half of this part of the pepper.

Then I  chopped up the cilantro until it was about the size of a dime.

By now your corn should be about room temperature and ready to be cut free from the cob.

What a neat trick!! Learn how to do it with this great Grilled Corn recipe!

The easiest way to do this is by placing a small bowl upside down in a much larger shallow bowl, like you can see in the pic below, then CAREFULLY cut the kernels off using the knife you’re most comfortable with. (Cheat tip: if you’re in a rush or would like a simpler solution, you could also pan fry sweet canned corn. It still taste great, and only you and I will know).

Mix it all together and what do you got? An AMAZING Grilled Corn Salsa recipe!

With everything chopped and de-cobbed it’s time to assemble.

Mix everything in a large bowl with the lime juice, and salt and pepper. Give it a taste to make sure it’s not too hot and has enough seasoning  (if it is too hot, you can tone it down a bit with a dash of sugar or splash of white vinegar – dealers choice).Let your salsa chill for 2-4 hours before serving, this give it lots of time for all the ingredients to get friendly.

Looks like summertime in a bowl! Check out this delicious Sumertime Grilled Corn Salsa recipe!



This dish is great alone with some chips or in a main dish, like these Drunken Chicken Enchiladas!

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